NEW IN: Little Creative Factory SS18 DANCERS


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NEW IN: Little Creative Factory SS18 DANCERS

She climbs the cold stone steps and slips through the tall austere doorway, places the cleaning bucket on the floor and races upstairs to the first floor. The room is empty. Rows of beds stand to attention, clean, stiff linen sheets, threadbare blankets and the smell of scrubbed floors. She peeks through the shuttered window and looks longingly at the green canopy of the forest where she and her friends join the fairies to dance at dusk.  These are her surroundings, her life, her home.

The silence is broken by laughter and shouting. She turns her head to look at the door and in tumble six, no seven bright-eyed children wearing worn linen cream smocks. She falls into the arms of her friends and they twirl her around and lift her into the air.

Grabbing onto the brass pole at the end of the bed one bends into a pliet, another lifts her arm in a port de bras and picks up her feet to stand on tiptoes. Suddenly the room is filled with swirling, whirling, dancing creatures, smiling and laughing. The bell pierces the air, hurriedly the children slip into pairs of worn leggings and scuffed soft shoes. Smoothing down their hair, they race downstairs, alive with the joy of friendship and complicity. They walk silently into the hall and scurry into their positions at the bar. The piano strikes up and the children stare straight ahead with determined eyes as the discipline of dance begins. Every step is full of hope and possibility, every pliet an expression of will and determination, every jump an attempt to fly free.

Some years later, a girl steps lightly up the cold stone steps and walks con dently through the austere doorway and into the New York Ballet Academy. She breathes in the smell of polished wood and brass and positions herself at the bar. The piano strikes up and the dance begins. She allows herself to be carried away by the melody, by her dreams as she follows lightly in the footsteps of all the little dancers that have gone before her. And her twirls and jumps are a celebration of all of the children who have fought to find their place in the world, of all those little achievers with big dreams in search of their own unique expression.



The new collection “Dancers” takes its inspiration from all the little people around the world who strive to be someone different, who look to forge their own journey and do so with all the effort and imagination they can muster. 

This season the shapes are ever more voluminous and free owing, experimental and daring. Nude colours combine with signature black pieces, alongside green and coral colours, in flighty tulle, heavy linen and cosy soft fabrics that create beautiful, airy combinations. Shapes can be tied up and around and combined with any number of pieces to create individual out ts that move freely and that celebrate the unique identity of every little person who wears them.

Little Creative Factory designers have remained faithful to the natural and hard-wearing fabrics that we always use and added new exciting, floaty, layered pieces that will inspire our little wearers to pirouette, tap dance or just jump around.

Such is the freedom of movement in their new collection and such is our belief that these tiny beings should dance like crazy and stay true to the wild ones within.

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