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We are a Babyccino Kids Boutique!



For us, in Alice & Alice, life is not always what it seems. We adore everything that is different and out of ordinary. We believe in the power of dreams and imagination. We want the world around us to be a better, and a nicer place. We strongly believe that children are the best there is in this world and educating them in the questions of style and taste now will enrich their lives in the future.

That is one of the reasons why we decided to start Alice & Alice - a unique place online, where the trendiest kids fashion meets the best quality products and services. We want to be more than just another kids online store. We want to be a place of true inspiration. Fashion for us is not just about the latest trends; it is about feelings and emotions we want to express. We believe what we wear reflects who we are, or at least, who we would like to be. By putting an extra thought and effort in choosing the right clothes and toys for our children we help to build up their personalities. We educate them in the better ways of the world. 

Even though the mainstream fashion is part of our everyday lifestyle we, in Alice & Alice, want to provide an alternative. That is one of the reasons we only stock products that have been produced in a sustainable way. We are big fans of slow fashion and the selection of brands on offer, including Little Creative Factory, Motoreta or Macarons, justifies our belief that future of fashion lies in the local production, utilizing the highest quality materials. However, we closely monitor the latest fashion trends, and that is why we also offer products that have become popular with little fashionistas’ parents all over the world, including knee-high socks from Mini Dressing or avant-garde tutus from Atsuyo et Akiko among the others.

Join the world of adventures in our little wonderland; sit back, relax, and enjoy your shopping experience. We hope you and your little trendsetters will have a blast!

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