Little Creative Factory AW18-19: Horizons


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Little Creative Factory AW18-19: Horizons

The story of Little Creative Factory’s latest collection ‘Horizon’ unfolds under this bright winter sun where an iridescent, deep blue sky meets rusty red Earth and charcoal rocky outcrops, where the mountains meet the cloud and the sky the sea. It is a tale of a young girl who runs wild and barefoot across an empty, barren landscape that seemingly has no limits. She is rooted to the land and to nature, yet her imagination runs free. Her gaze is constantly drawn to the ever-changing, infinite horizon that is full of hope and possibility. 

She scans this unknown horizon full of promise and adventure, of stories yet to be told. The cold water laps at her feet and she buries her toes deeper into the black volcanic sand, rooting herself to the spot.

She bends down to pick up a gleaming shell, then another and another. A line of brilliant light dancing on the water, a yellow brick road that stretches as far as the eye can see beckons her in and suddenly she is up to her waist in water, her linen dress floating irreverently around her.

She runs and jumps through this rocky, lunar, light-filled landscape. Her world is free of boundaries and full of possibilities. It is place where she can explore unhindered and where the natural elements are her guide, the light and darkness, the wind and the sun her only masters. Every day is a voyage of discovery and a search of new horizons.

In this collection LCF had used vegetable dyes to reflect the vivid, bright colors of this starkly beautiful landscape. Their classic linen and cotton fabrics accompany a new quilted range that provides fresh volumes and crisp outlines. 

Once again we invite you to play with our garments, to mix and match and thus create your own personal look. This collection reflects a natural world full of light and hope and is, as always, a nod to our little people, to the journeys they are already making and the new horizons that still await them. 
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